10 Elements of the Perfect Instagram Bio

One of the most important elements of an Instagram profile is its bio. Through your bio, you can give your page visitors a quick overview of your Instagram activities. Well-written best bio for Instagram will help you grow your organic following on Instagram.  In order to attract organic followers to your Instagram bio, how do you write it?

You may feel like pulling out your hair when it comes to writing the perfect bio for Instagram due to its limited space and a limited number of characters. You don’t have to worry about your hair. The deets on writing an Instagram bio that stands out can be found right here.

The cool Instagram bio ideas should contain the following ten elements:

1. Name for Instagram that is optimized

If you are crafting a short bio for Instagram, you should start by considering your handle or Instagram name. Search results will include what your audience sees. It’s crucial to optimize your Instagram name in order to make it easy for your audience to connect with you.

When choosing your Instagram name, you should ask yourself two basic questions:

What is the best way to describe your business or who you are?

How well will that name be recognized by your audience?

The name you use for your business is much more likely to be recognized by your target audience instead of some obscure word combination. The name of your business, brand, or brand name should be used.

When you use your pen name as an author, your audience can find you more easily. Use the brand name of the product if you’re selling it. As a result, you’ll appear on top of search results on IG when your target audience searches for your name instead of some imposter or random account.

Despite this, you are only allowed 30 characters in your Instagram handle. Because of this, it’s more practical to keep it simple with just your name.


While it’s not necessary to include keywords related to your brand or business if you still have room, it doesn’t hurt to include some. This not only simplifies the process of finding your page for your audience. The app also gives you the opportunity to reach audiences outside of Instagram who may be interested in your niche but aren’t familiar with you. Consider the case of a bakery. Most people type in the word ‘bakery’ when they want a feed with baked products.

A search result for suggested accounts is more likely to appear when you have an optimized Instagram name, as you can see above. The top results tend to get the most clicks, as you know. In any case, even if they haven’t heard of you before, they’re likely to follow your profile. As a result, organic growth becomes easier for you.

2. How you can help people

What you offer and why people need your services are the ultimate goals of your bio, regardless of how you express them. Instagram users require the information they need to stay engaged when they find you. It is wise to use straightforward language that makes your point clear on social media platforms since it is near impossible to keep a user’s attention. You can see a company swag bio for Instagram below, for example. Their point is conveyed in the most straightforward way by using plain and simple terms.

Your business account also allows you to create categories. On your swag bio for Instagram with emoji   , it displays the description of your page and tells users what to expect. The font color of the headline is even different from the rest of the bio, making it more distinctive and eye-catching. Their purpose is to evoke the interest of your potential clients.

Put yourself in the user’s position by viewing the screenshot below. By reading the category of a page, you can automatically tell what the page is about without reading the rest of the bio.

3. Character and personality

Using the bio, you can introduce your audience to you and your personality. Let’s get started. Describe what distinguishes you from the competition. It’s not a biography, so keep that in mind. Make your company or yourself stand out by highlighting only key aspects.

However, before you begin writing anything down, make sure you understand exactly what you are offering and why you are unique. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience, and what is the value of my account?
  • Does it offer a unique service compared to similar accounts?
  • In that case, what should I do?

It’s time to rethink your plan if you still don’t understand the answers. Ensure your content meets the expectations of what you claim you provide, but more importantly, make sure it meets the expectations of the content you promise.

The finest and unique thing you offer is sure to attract followers in your bio. Creating unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointed followers. Your fans will eventually stop following you if you fail to provide excellent and relevant content. In order to add personalization and character, you should stay true to yourself and avoid pretending to be someone or something you’re not. You will be seen right through by people who are astute.

4. A Compelling Call to Action

The inclusion of a call-to-action (CTA) in your bio can provide you with a better user experience. By guiding your audience, you are directing them to the next step. Therefore, CTAs are more likely to get users to take action.

A compelling call to action can be formulated by following these tips:

  • Keep it simple. For example, you could say: “Click on our bio link to browse our latest products.”
  • Create a hashtag that encourages consumers to share
  • Promote a contest with CTAs like: “Share for a chance to win!”
  • Leesa, for example, has two CTAs: one encouraging users to share with friends and the other encouraging them to explore the company.

The business account Instagram has access to call-to-action buttons. Your Instagram profile will have more space for your bio and people will be able to take direct action from it, making your products more appealing to customers. Shopping, booking tables, and purchasing tickets can all be done through this feature. You can use these CTA examples if CTAs are not really your thing.

As shown in the screenshot below, customers can follow the page, message them, or go directly to the shopping page by clicking the CTA buttons.

5. Relevant Keywords

After optimizing your Instagram name, you should use relevant keywords to drive traffic to your account. Utilizing relevant keywords will help drive traffic to your Instagram account after your Instagram name has been optimized.

Below is a screenshot from Magnolia Bakery, which highlights their primary keyword in red and their secondary keyword in orange. The Magnolia Bakery bio is well written with essential keywords that are search-engine optimized. The use of keywords can therefore enhance your online visibility. In the search engine results pages, SEO keywords help you rank higher, leading to more prospective followers.

In addition to using keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, you can also use websites like Keyword Explorer and Google Ads. You can also reach a broader audience if you use localized keywords for your local business.

6. Emoji’s used creatively

Emotions can be expressed creatively with emoji’s. They also work well with 150-word Instagram bios, did you know? Your bio will be entertaining and memorable, and a sense of levity will come through.

It might be worth reconsidering whether emoticons should be used in your Instagram bio. You can use an emoji for just about anything, and they work well with both younger and older audiences. In this way, your brand becomes more relatable and “humanized.” Check it out:

7. Links to Website/Other Social Media Profiles

In the bio section of an Instagram profile, users tell their followers how to get to the website or page they are promoting by clicking on the link in their bio.

This phrase encourages further information outside of Instagram’s confines with a compelling call to action. The call to action in this phrase encourages users to find out more information beyond Instagram.

Link your homepage with a URL or add links to new content and features you’re offering. In addition to Tailwind’s Smart.bio, there are a few other tools that will let you bypass the single link limit.

8. Appropriately-Placed Line Breaks

You can make people’s lives easier by using line breaks and spacing in your bio. You won’t need to worry about adding too much information to your bio, which is awesome. You will look more professional and declutter your Instagram bio.

By aligning your bio correctly, you can create an attractive and unique profile. What’s the best way to do it? You can achieve this kind of look by simply arranging your Instagram bio as follows.

9. Popular Hashtags

Besides emojis, you can also use hashtags and profile links to express yourself on Instagram. If you’re a #music lover or a #makeup lover, you can link to whatever hashtag or profile you want. Adding a hashtag or profile link to your bio is as simple as tapping Edit Profile and navigating to the bio section. As you type a # or @, the type ahead will suggest hashtags and accounts related to it. Choosing hashtags and accounts will instantly link them in your bio.

Additionally, Instagram hashtags can be used in conjunction with keywords to help you find what you’re looking for on Instagram. Additionally, you can create your own terms based on the terms popular in your niche. Building a stronger connection with your online audience through unique hashtags will help you gain more followers and encourage them to follow suit. The more prominent your bio is, the more likely people are to discover it and use it.

10. Contact Information

In Instagram bios, contact information is often forgotten, so it is a good idea to include it. Instagram bios typically forget to include contact information, so it is a good idea to do so. There are times, however, when it isn’t the case.

Messages from others on Instagram can be difficult for many reasons. There may be some people who do not have Instagram account, or maybe they just want a direct line of communication with you. In your Instagram bio, you should still include your contact information.


As a brand, it may be important to an agency or company that they find your contact information in your bio in order to get in touch with you. The contact information in your business card gives prospective customers everything they need to reach out to you quickly and easily.

Adding your phone number, email, and location is important if you have a business account. If you want to highlight your contact information without taking up a lot of space in your bio, you can also use the email and contact buttons.


Instagram success depends on a well-written bio, as mentioned throughout the post. A good Instagram bio showcases your brand and attracts followers, so you should pay attention to the above.

However, writing a bio on Instagram isn’t a hard and fast rule. Choose the type of bio that best fits your brand based on your own judgment. You can pick not to use emojis if you don’t think they’ll work with your target audience. Keep hashtags off your bio if you find them to cliché. Since it’s your bio, you are the best person to decide what should be included.

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