A town where Robots Take on Odd Job. But can They Pose a Threat to Humans?

It’s a warm afternoon in the English town of Milton Keynes. A small orange flag is attached to a white six-wheeled robot. This robot stops in front of a house. Cristian Bonifacio uses an app on his mobile phone to open the lid on top of the robot and take out a large chocolate bar. Is this robot their own? After all, what is the use of it?

Bonifacio expresses his love and gratitude for the robot delivery service. which sends these machines. Robots are an entertainment for everyone. Interestingly, this robot also gives thanks in a polite way like humans.

The robot delivery service by Starship Technologies was launched in Milton Keynes four years ago and is now expanding to more towns. Robots seen in Hollywood movies are now becoming a part of life in many towns, people not only appreciate them but also rush to help these robots as there are occasions when the robot hits an obstacle. This process creates a bonding between the human and the robot if a passer-by needs help.

Interestingly, these battery-powered robots are summoned and opened via an app, have sensors that detect nearby obstacles, and are equipped with speakers. It can also communicate with people via onboard video cameras via a remote human operator.

The robot is thoughtfully designed and very cute. Usually we have seen scary looking robots in movies, but these robots are very cute to everyone, children and adults. They want to enjoy this facility.

The integration of robots into the lives of ordinary humans proves true the predictions of science fiction films in which robots have been shown as humane and an important part of life. Transporting these cute robots around you makes your environment advanced and interesting. In the attached video from the article, you can see how much the kids are enjoying it.

The question arises that now slowly these machines are joining our lives, so can they become a threat to humans? Because many people used to earn their living through home delivery especially young children do such jobs along with their education to support their expenses. Are these companies making these things public for their own convenience and savings so they don’t have to hire humans for the jobs?


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