Amazing Features of Whatsapp Won the Hearts of Users

LAHORE: (Web Desk) WhatsApp has recently released some new features for its voice recording option which will make your heart happy to know. These features will make using the app more interesting.

WhatsApp is a platform that is used by everyone from kids to adults. Its name is among the largest and most popular messaging apps in the world.

Recently WhatsApp has released some cool features for its exclusive ‘Voice Recording’ option which has won the hearts of fans. Let’s know about these features in detail.

Until now, if someone sent you a voice message on WhatsApp, you had to keep the person’s chat open to listen to it. With this new feature you can listen to the voice recording in the background even after closing the chat. Its main advantage is that you can do other things in the phone while listening to voice messages and if you want, you can also reply to other messages.

While recording a voice note under this feature, you can pause the recording if you want and then resume it whenever you want, from where you stopped it. Earlier it was necessary to record a voice note in one go and to re-record it had to be recorded from the beginning.

Also, WhatsApp gives you the option to listen to the voice note once after recording it before sending it.

If you find very long voice notes that you want to listen to in a short time, let us tell you that now you can fast forward such voice notes on WhatsApp at 1.5x and 2x speed. Also, since Send has this option, you can start listening to the voice note from where you left it.

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