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Every day, WhatsApp users worldwide send about 100 billion messages. Messages are sent in different native languages across different countries, no doubt. Is it possible to write to a friend who lives in another country in his native language when you develop a friendship with him? What should you do when you translate WhatsApp messages? As of this writing, WhatsApp does not directly offer this feature. WhatsApp provides a number of ways to translate between languages.

You have come to the right place when searching for the best Translate app. Best WhatsApp translator can be needed for various reasons. You may need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language, or you may need to send messages in a foreign language when studying or working. Regardless of the reason, there are a number of great translator apps available that can make your communication with WhatsApp more efficient. Find out how you can translate your own messages to be sent in the language of your friends as you read on.

How can I Translate WhatsApp Messages?

Translations from one language to another can be done in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, some methods are more successful than others. Let’s explore three different ways to translate WhatsApp messages in this article.

  • Using an online translation service is the first method for translating WhatsApp messages. Several translation services can be found by using search engines to find ‘translation services. Once you find a service that meets your needs, you can type in the text you wish to have translated, and the service will provide the translation.
  • Using a friend or relative who speaks the target language is another way of best Translate app. It allows for a more natural translation, which is often the most effective method. If you want someone to help you, however, be sure that you trust them, since they might alter the meaning of your message. Using WhatsApp to translate messages can be an effective way to communicate with people who speak different languages.
  • Using a translation app is the third method. You can find a variety of translation apps for WhatsApp messages, and they can be very helpful. Translation apps you may want to check out;

👉 Gboard

👉 Google Translate

👉 Hi Translate app

Enjoy Apks


This keyboard is a perfect choice for Android users due to both its clean and simple interface and its useful features. Due to its simple and clean interface as well as its useful features, it is a great keyboard for Android users. The emoji app is very useful. A Google keyboard comes preinstalled on many smartphones. This amazing app can translate WhatsApp messages, and many users are unaware of it. Through Gboard, you can instantly translate messages across over 100 languages. The translated messages are also of excellent quality.

How do you use it?

Please download this great keyboard app from Google Play if you don’t already have it. By navigating to Keyboard & input method settings, you can also make it your default keyboard app.

  • You can now translate any message on WhatsApp by opening a chat. Press the three dots as shown below to do this.
  • The Translation feature is found here. To translate, click on it.
  • You can type or copy the text to be translated, and it will be automatically translated into the appropriate language in the text field.
  • Gboard is an ideal keyboard for Android users since it supports many languages. I’ve been using this keyboard for a while and have no reservations about recommending it. Additionally, it is excellent at translating messages.


Google Translate

For those who regularly converse in languages other than English, having the Google Translate app on WhatsApp can be very helpful. As one of Google’s most popular services, Google Translate translates languages online.

Gboard lacks some functionality of Google Translate. No matter if you’re on Facebook or WhatsApp, you can use this app to translate a friend’s message into your language when you’re talking to them. The steps;

  • Visit the Google Play Store and download Google Translate. There are over one billion users of Google Translate around the world. To start using the app, you need to grant the app certain permissions.
  • When you launch the app, you will be able to see your profile photo in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Settings > Translation
  • The floating icon can be turned off and Tap to Translate can be enabled (you can hide it at any time). In the upper right corner, there will be a Google Translate icon that appears floating. To translate the text, open WhatsApp Keyboard and copy the text where the floating icon appears so that it appears.
  • The translated text will appear after you paste the copied text and select the desired language. It can be copied and pasted immediately into WhatsApp.
  • Another translation can also be performed in another dialect using a new translation. WhatsApp messages can be translated quickly using this method. Since this app runs in the background, turn it off when not in use.


Hi Translate app

Another top translator app for Android is Hi Translate, which is similarly similar to Google translate. The translation tool supports many features, such as translating to and from, voice input and output, offline translation, free offline dictionary, etc.

You can also Translate WhatsApp Chat automatically with this tool, which is a faster alternative to Google Translate. AI camera translation and support for more than a hundred languages are also available.

Here you can try out this method by downloading and installing Hi Translate from the Google Play Store. Hi, Translate is a translation app used by millions of people around the world. Allow the app to draw over other apps and to have accessibility, etc. Launch the app and grant the necessary permissions.

  • Your translation will begin in one language and end in a different language. You will find almost all languages here
  • A floating button will appear on the left corner once the Display over other apps permission is granted.
  • Using the floating button at the bottom of the message, you can translate WhatsApp messages into your chosen language. Here is a video explaining how this works.
  • When you reply to that message, all you need to do is write your reply in your own language, move that floating button over your writing, and the message will be automatically translated into your language. This allows you to reply immediately.
  • With this method, WhatsApp messages can be translated in no time. There is no better app to do this.

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