Best WhatsApp Keyboard for Android and iOS

For people who want a keyboard designed specifically for WhatsApp, the Keyboard by WhatsApp is a good choice. It’s possible to find a keyboard that’s compatible with the language that you need – this keyboard supports over 60 languages. Users will also enjoy the Keyboard by WhatsApp, including auto correction and swipe-to-correct. Additionally, WhatsApp’s Keyboard offers support for emoji and is compatible with various fonts. Both Android and iOS devices are compatible with WhatsApp’s Keyboard.

The Keyboard by WhatsApp is a good choice if you want a keyboard specifically designed for WhatsApp. With over 60 languages to choose from, you can find a keyboard that works for you. In addition, WhatsApp Keyboard supports multiple fonts and includes emoji support. WhatsApp’s Keyboard can be used with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Android Whatsapp Keyboard:

A lot of people use WhatsApp as a messaging app. With it, you can stay in touch with friends and family. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Its keyboard is a special feature that makes WhatsApp the best. Having the WhatsApp Keyboard on your phone gives you access to your friends and family just about anywhere. It is easy to use, fast, and reliable. You can also type with it with ease thanks to a bunch of features. Listed here are some tips and tricks you need to know about WhatsApp Keyboard.

  • By using auto correction, WhatsApp Keyboard speeds up typing.
  • Swiping is another feature that the app offers. By swiping a finger over the keyboard you can type out words.
  • You can customize the look of WhatsApp Keyboard for Android keyboard using a variety of themes available.
  • Emoji are also supported by WhatsApp Keyboard. You can access the emoji keyboard by long pressing the emoji button.
  • Custom shortcuts are possible with WhatsApp Keyboard so you can create shortcuts for frequently used words and phrases. Create a new shortcut by going to Settings -> Shortcuts.
  • Multi-language typing is also supported by WhatsApp Keyboard. Click on the Settings icon, then click Languages, and select a language.
  • Customize your keyboard’s layout by clicking on the Settings icon. Choose Layout from the Settings menu.
  • Your phone’s microphone lets you type words with WhatsApp Keyboard. Start the dictation mode by long-pressing the space bar and choosing Microphone.
  • This feature is also available in WhatsApp Keyboard. In order to start voice input mode, press the send button long enough and select Voice.
  • There are always new features and improvements added to WhatsApp Keyboard. Go to Settings -> About -> Check for Updates to find out if there are any updates.

Theme for WhatsApp:

WhatsApp talk Keyboard is a theme for WhatsApp that has a clever keyboard. Designed especially for people who enjoy WhatsApp themes, the Theme for WhatsApp Keyboard for WhatsApp voice typing allows you to type in themes while using WhatsApp. The theme for WhatsApp is a free app that enables you to apply a customized Facebook theme to an Android device. You can appreciate a faster and more flexible, more functionally rich experience when you use the WhatsApp theme.

Amazing Theme:

Among various themes, there will always be one that catches your eye, from charming to cool to extravagant and so on. The Keyboard gives you a great deal of free and amazing upscale and style keyboard HD backgrounds for your phone. You can choose from anime, dark, 3D, skull, winged serpent, gold, animation, panda, green, feline, lion, comedian, sport, pink, red, purple, love, young lady, soccer, wolf, spray painting life, vehicle, neon, white, blue, and music, and discover all your #1 points in the Store.


Keyboards for WhatsApp on smartphones:

You’ll find the Best WhatsApp Keyboards for Android and iOS here, complete with stickers, emoji and GIFs.

Swift key Keyboard

The SwiftKey smart keyboard learns how you type, so you can write faster and more predictably. GIFs, stickers, and emojis allow you to express yourself. Using the keyboard, you can quickly reply to a message using your favorite emoticons. With Swift key, you can upload the Stickers Pack directly to the KBoard and reduce the number of apps you need to install third-party. Swiftkey features its own sticker pack, but you also have the option of uploading any other sticker pack separately, thus reducing response time. Swiftkey features its own sticker pack, but you also have the option of uploading any other sticker pack separately, thus reducing response time.


A popular keyboard app for Android is Gboard by Google. The Gboard is typically set as the primary keyboard on most devices by default. This is because it is so easy to use. Using Gboard, you can quickly reply to any message using a GIF search, Emoji, or Sticker Search. Glide Typing allows you to type faster by sliding over the word you want with your finger.

Do Android keyboards work on iPhones?

What if you could use your iPhone with an Android keyboard? Users can communicate using the keyboard on their phones via WhatsApp, a popular messaging application. You can also send and receive SMS messages with WhatsApp Web using your computer. External keyboards, however, are not supported by WhatsApp Web.

With an Android keyboard on your iPhone, you can type like a pro. Different types of Android keyboards will require different methods. An adapter that converts Lightning to USB can be used to connect a physical Android keyboard to your iPhone. You should be able to type in WhatsApp Web using the keyboard once connected.

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