China Begins Large-scale Military Exercises Around Taiwan

China has started large-scale air and naval military exercises including live fire at 6 locations around Taiwan.

According to international media reports, China started the six-day military exercises a few hours after US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi left Taipei for a visit, which will continue until Sunday, August 7.

According to media reports, China has warned airlines around the world that it has declared six airspaces around Taiwan as danger zones and asked them to stay away from them, and has suspended all international flights around it from August 4 to 12. .

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan says that the Chinese military has fired several ballistic missiles into the Taiwan Sea in exercises today.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has strongly condemned the Chinese military exercises while expressing its indignation.

They say that the Chinese soldiers have violated the laws of the United Nations, the military exercises are an unreasonable move to change the status quo, harming regional peace.

According to media reports, Taiwan has described the Chinese military exercises as tantamount to a blockade of its maritime and airspace.

On the other hand, the US has assured that it is following the ‘One China’ policy with regard to Taiwan while having formal diplomatic relations with China.

Taiwan also has the right to defend itself and according to the law, the US is obliged to provide Taiwan with means of defense. The US has assured Taiwan that it will not leave its side.

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