Deepfake Technology Has Increased The Threat to The World, Research

Deepfake technology is increasingly being used for cyber attacks and is now becoming a threat to the real world.

This Was Revealed in a Research.

According to VMware’s annual Response Threat Report, the use of this face and voice changing technology increased by 13% during 2021.

Deepfake is a technique in which a person’s face is replaced with another to make it look like a video of someone who is not.

According to the report, it is said that the world will soon face the threat of cyber attacks from deepfake technology, but this is already happening.

The technology became mainstream in 2019, and experts have warned that it could lead to blackmailing women into artificial nudity and fueling political controversy.

In the beginning, deepfake photos or videos could be captured easily, but now the technology has improved.

In March, a deepfake video of the Ukrainian president went viral, which he denied but was widely believed to be real.

The report stated that deepfake attacks increased by 78% in 2021 and were mostly used to hack the emails of businesses.

For this purpose, the hacker impersonates himself to obtain sensitive details.

The experts who compiled the report said that the rate of cyber attacks has increased by 60% since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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