Easy Way to Chat or Take Notes With Yourself on Whatsapp

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) WhatsApp is present in everyone’s mobile phone today and there are many people who install separate applications in their phones to write notes regarding daily tasks. So why not tell such people that instead of installing the application separately, they can also do this from WhatsApp. 

India Today has explained the method in one of its reports. In this method you have to start chatting with yourself. Then whenever you need to save something to remember, send it to yourself as a message in the chat bar and read it whenever you want. 

To start chatting on your own number, save your number in your mobile phone and then go to Contacts and click on your number to open its details. Here it will appear before you that this number has WhatsApp. From here you click on the option to message this number. In this way, the WhatsApp bar will open in front of you for chatting on your own number. Now, whatever notes you want to save, go to message yourself in this chatting bar.

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