Easypaisa APK & Its Specifications

You would have come across the Easypaisa in your life or heard of it from someone. It is one of the widely used application in the entire country. Pakistan has this app for transactions of money and it has brought a lot of ease. Easypaisa is one of the miraculous application of Pakistani history. It has those features which can easily make the daily works done. Not only can be this app downloaded from the Play Store, but its APK version also exists on the internet. Easypaisa APK is the same as its original application with the same features. 

If you want to use it and download it, then you need to know about it thoroughly. It can make you or persuade you to download the application, and make yourself a part of this Easypaisa family. 

What is Easypaisa APK?

Easypaisa is a wallet application that is used for mobile payments and branchless banking online. It is the financial service provider to the people of Pakistan since 2009. It is made with the cooperation of Telenor Microfinance Bank which had the old name as Tameer Bank. This private company has QR code service as well that makes all the online payment easy. 

Specifications of Easypaisa Application

This application is not only a wallet for keeping your money, but it has hundreds of benefits. Now, we will discuss all the features one by one to know more about the amazing application. Let’s have a view:

  • Order Your Own Debit Card

The latest option that Easypaisa offers is getting a debit card that you can use in all the ATMs around Pakistan. This can help you from opening a bank account plus also avoid going to Easypaisa shops all around the town. The debit card is delivered at your doorstep with no charges at all. This green colored card is the best you can get from Easypaisa.  

  • Send Gifts to Your Friends and Family

You can also send gifts to your dear ones. This feature is called Tohfa option. Here, you can send balance or money to them if they are using the Easypaisa app. These gifts can make them happy and its easier if they are far away. So, it’s the best option for long distance relationships. 

  • Obtain Mobile Packages for Your Phone:

The Easypaisa application helps you to get packages for all the SIM networks. There are some specified packages that can be less expensive than the ones you do with phone. This can be of Zong, Telenor, Jazz or Ufone. So, don’t worry about the SIM network. 

  • Pay Utility Bills Through the App:

The app helps in paying your utility bills online without even standing in long lines in front of banks and all. It only requires a verified Easypaisa account. 

  • Enjoy Discounts on Different Brands and Restaurants:

There are many branded shops and high-class restaurants that are together with Easypaisa and can give you amazing discounts. This application can help you if you make an account with the help of your personal data. 

  • Raast ID:

The Easypaisa app provides the service of load through the Raast ID. It can be a friend in harsh situations when you are out of money. 

How Can I Download Easypaisa APK Version?

Easypaisa can be downloaded from the Play Store but, we also have the APK version of it. It can be downloaded easily from the APK websites, just read the following instructions:

  • Search the internet for a proper website that consists of APK files of hundreds of applications. You can even use the Play Store but that won’t be appropriate, because this is an APK-type file. There are many websites that are famous for downloading APK files, such as
  • www.apklust.com
  • www.apkboat.com
  • www.apkpure.com
  • www.apkbless.com
  • Then next, you need to download the APK from your selected website. Once you click the downloading option, a pop-up menu appears that shows your download. After it gets completed, open the file manager and install the application.
  • If the app requires enabling unknown sources, that is even easier. Go to the settings of your phone and give permission to unknown sources so that they get installed. 
  • Once installed, open the application and use it for free. The app would definitely satisfy you in different regards. You can enjoy the different features of this all-in-one application. 


The Easypaisa APK is the same as the one downloaded from the Play Store. It can satisfy you in every regard. There are thousands of users of this application. It has the benefits for working people, students, housewives, business men and people of every category or age. The application transfer money between different countries to Easypaisa accounts, CNIC, and Bank Accounts. These transactions are messaged to the phone number which is used in the registration time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What should we do if the APK does not work properly, or if it does not open?

Answer: The solution to this problem is that maybe your phone is out of date or the version you have downloaded of the APK is an old one. You need to update your phone to download a newer version of the APK for the smooth performance of the application.

Question 2

What is an APK Download?

Answer: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit (APK). The file format is used to install the Android application directly to the phone’s storage. If you want to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file. You can find the file in your File Manager.

Question 3

 Is it safe to have APK files on your device?

Answer: In the contrast, this is a 50-50 chance, because there are equal chances that it can harm your device or it may not. Overall the APK files are not safe enough. They can carry some harmful viruses that can be able to stop your device or even hack the data on your device.

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