Had a Crush on Aryan Khan, Ananya Pandey Admits

Bollywood’s Rising Actress Ananya Pandey Has Admitted That She Had a Crush on Aryan Khan, the Son of the King of the Indian Film Industry, Shah Rukh Khan.

Ananya Pandey recently appeared on Karan Johar’s popular show ‘Koffee With Karan’ along with her co-star Vijay Devrakonda.

During the show, Karan Johar asked Ananya Pandey about growing up playing in ‘Mant Ke Corridors’ at Shah Rukh Khan’s house with best friends Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor, asking her if she was Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan. Do you like Khan?

Ananya Pandey said in response to Karan Johar’s question that Aryan Khan is very cute and I also had a crush on Aryan.

After hearing this, Karan Johar asked why your talk with Aryan could not go ahead.

On which the actress said that you will ask Aryan this question.

Karan Johar asks Ananya if their friendship will continue, because now Shanaya and Suhana are also going to enter Bollywood soon.

Answering this question, the actress said, “Absolutely, because it’s not even friendship anymore, but I think we are family and have always been like a family.”

“I would like to believe that Shanaya and Suhana coming to Bollywood will not affect our friendship, because I think we all truly love each other,” she said.

Ananya Pandey added that whenever I talk about it, I say that it was a dream we had together, we all wanted to be actors when we grew up and we talked to each other about it. A lot of things have been said about it.

She also said that she will be as happy for Shanaya and Suhana’s success as I am for mine.

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