How Can You Get Rs2000 Through BISP PM Shahbaz Sharif Relief Program?

Shahbaz Sharif’s new relief package is worth 140 million dollars per month. It is intended to offset the impact of the price increase on Pakistan’s lower-income people due to higher petroleum prices. Sharif said the relief package would provide 2,000 PKR each on a monthly basis to around 14 million deserving families in a televised address to the nation, according to Xinhua news agency. There will be assistance provided to more than 85 million people, roughly one-third of the total population of Pakistan.

Aside from this relief, Sharif said that the Benazir Income Support Program has already supported the underprivileged segment of society. According to the Prime Minister, the government is planning to include this relief package in the next budget. According to Sharif, Utility Stores Corporations are to supply 10 kilograms of flour bags at a subsidy rate of 400 Pakistani rupees throughout the country. To ensure smooth implementation of economic policies, the premier announced initiating a consultative process for taking all political parties into account.

<style=”text-align:justify; Color:Black; Font-size:14px;”>Pakistan’s Chief Minister announced that SHAHBAZ SHARIF 2000 PROGRAM was launching a laptop distribution project. BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) and Ehsaas Kafalat will fund 1 million laptops for families with people enrolled in these programs. The program also encompasses various other Ehsaas programs. The project will provide many people with access to technology and the internet as a result of this wonderful initiative. Their lives and livelihoods will be improved as a result.

Program Shahbaz Sharif 2000:

Program 'Ehsaas 2000' - Send your CNIC to 786 to register:

Send an SMS to 786 with your CNIC number if you want to register for the Ehsaas program. Benefits will be available to participants under this program. To enroll in this program, simply complete the online application form, and you will begin receiving benefits instantly. Don’t wait, SMS 786 now!

Ehsaas Program

Around 14 million eligible families will receive assistance through the Ehsaas Program, which provides 2,000 rupees per year in immediate relief. Programs like this will make a significant difference in the lives of those who are most in need. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Introducing the New Scheme and Code:

In the New Scheme New Code, poor families with incomes less than 40,000 rupees per month will receive 2000 rupees per month. Those most in need of help will benefit from this scheme, which will alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life.

Withdrawal Method 2000

In Pakistan, women can receive 2000 Pakistani rupees from the government through a process known as the 2000 Withdraw Method. Women must be members of a household and must have their CNIC (National Identity Card) on file to qualify for this program. The woman will receive 2000 Pakistani Rupees after her account has been verified.

Date of registration

Registrants for the Pakistan poverty alleviation program can begin registering on December. As part of this program, nearly 85 million people will receive financial assistance, which is about one-third of Pakistan’s total population. There will be designated registration centers across the country or on the website This program will complement the Benazir Income Support Program currently provided to the less fortunate.  Contact 0800-26477 or visit for more information on this program.

Program Ehsaas 2000

Students in Punjab who work during the evening shift could receive laptops as part of the Ehsaas Program 2000. In addition to students who work the evening shift, laptops were provided to those who were employed during the day.

Government provides Rs 2,000 a month:

To absorb the rising cost of inflation after the recent increase in fuel prices, the government is giving everyone earning less than 40,000 rupees a subsidy of Rs 2,000 per month. Low-income families will benefit from this by having access to necessities while easing their financial burden. Most of those who struggle to make ends meet will find this move to be a welcome relief. Marriyum Aurangzeb, thank you! As part of other government welfare programs, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced new initiatives. Minister of Information and Broadcasting, 3rd of June, Islamabad (APP).

  • A financial assistance of 2000 rupees per month will be provided to needy and deserving families as part of the program. Initially, 10 million families will benefit from it.
  • On the occasion of the launch ceremony, the Prime Minister said that his government is dedicated to improving conditions for society’s poor and marginalized segments. As a landmark initiative, the Ehsaas Program will impact millions of lives in the coming years.
  • A toll-free identification number can also be registered for the program (0800-88-2000) by contacting the Prime Minister. The government will provide all possible assistance to the needy, he said, encouraging people to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • The government’s Ehsaas Program provides much-needed assistance to our most vulnerable citizens and is a flagship program for poverty alleviation. This is a unique opportunity for everyone. I strongly encourage you to register for the program so that we can work to make Pakistan stronger and more prosperous together.

How to apply for the Prime Minister's 2000 Rupee Scheme in Pakistan?

Your mom or another female in your family must receive the SMS in order for you to qualify for the money. It was made public before the government decided to raise the price of petroleum-based products, according to the minister. You will receive a confirmation via SMS once the government has verified your application. Your money will be sent to the center specified in the reply.

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