How to Hide Last Seen Status on Your WhatsApp & Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen?

WhatsApp is a typical text messaging app in which users can send texts, pictures, videos, and audio. With all the growth in WhatsApp clients, more and more people are searching for new WhatsApp tricks. If you’re wondering how to hide your latest sight on WhatsApp on an Android portable or how to hide your status on WhatsApp, then this article might be helpful to you. Check out my previous post for some bizarre WhatsApp tricks. Take a look at this hide your WhatsApp picture in my previous post. Throughout this article, I will demonstrate how you can hide last seen while still being able to observe other users. These WhatsApp hacks make your relationship with friends more enjoyable.

The features of WhatsApp continue to expand like “blue ticks”, “last seen”, and “Online”. Occasionally, these highlights can be very unhelpful for individuals who deal with sexually explicit topics. When the client was last on the web, “Last seen on” is shown. You can hide you’re the WhatsApp status by using protection settings. Additionally, you can set phony last seen WhatsApp statuses or display more established last seen times. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Here is also How to hide your Last Seen status from everyone or from individuals who are explicitly identifiable.

What can be done to Freeze "Last Seen" on WhatsApp?

  • The “Last Seen” of WhatsApp can be frozen by setting up Settings for privacy.
  • In your settings for privacy, you can change “Last Seen” to “Nobody” to freeze your last two viewings.
  • When you freeze your “Last Seen,” other WhatsApp users will not know when you last logged on.
  • The last time they were online will not be displayed, however.
  • You may not Seeing other people’s “Last Seen”, so keep this in mind before freezing your Last Seen.

Despite this, As a result, way for you to see what time a user was WhatsApp is open while you are online “Last Seen” has been hidden. For example, you can see someone else’s status by switching your “Last Seen” privacy setting to “Everyone” and quickly switching it back to “Nobody” again. Then, if someone isn’t hiding their last online time on WhatsApp, you will see when they were last online. Below you’ll find a steps to follow to freeze your WhatsApp “Last Seen”.

  • Click on WhatsApp Settings
  • Go to WhatsApp and open it.
  • To access your settings, tap on the Settings icon below the navigation bar.
  • Please be aware that you cannot disable privacy settings on the WhatsApp web.
  • The Settings page contains multiple tabs.
  • In addition to editing your profile, checking Messages that you have starred, and scanning QR codes for WhatsApp Web/Desktop, you can also access WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  • There is a tab that says “Account” below the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” tab.
  • To manage your account, there is an “Account” tab.
  • You can manage your account’s changing the privacy settings on the account settings page.
  • Congratulations! Set up your account. Have been accessed successfully.
  • Next, we will, you will have to access you can alter the privacy settings.
  • Go to “Privacy”
  1. You will land on your Set up your account after tapping on the “Account” tab (from the previous step).
  2. You are given the option to set up Security settings and privacy options. Additionally, you can request account information your account can be deleted.
  3. You can change alter Setting privacy options under the first tab, “Privacy.”.
  4. “Last Seen” is found in the Setting privacy options.
  5. The purpose of this setting is to hide your WhatsApp status.
  6. The Setting privacy options have been successfully accessed.
  7. We’ll also take a look at this access “Last Seen” settings to freeze them.
  • Select “Last Seen”

After you tap on the “Privacy” tab (from the previous step), you will be taken to your privacy settings.

You can customize a lot of WhatsApp privacy options.

Add two-step verification, lock WhatsApp (using Touch ID, Face ID, or Android Fingerprint lock), specify who can see the last time you accessed WhatsApp, and more.

You choose who can see what in the privacy settings such as “Last Seen”, “Profile Photo“, “About”, “Groups”, and “Status”.

In order hiding your identity “Last Seen”, you should customize the “Last Seen” option.

You can change your privacy settings for your “Last Seen” by clicking on the “Last Seen” tab.

We’ll show you how to hide your “Last Seen” in one tap in the final step.

    • Change Last Seen to “Nobody”

You can now control who sees your last seen in settings. In order to select an option, you must pick one of three options: “Everyone” which means that anyone else including contacts and those not on the list will be able see when you were last seen; My Contacts only allows viewing by those close enough (which could potentially lead into privacy breaches); nobody has access–the hiding feature is important because it prevents people from accessing information about other users without permission WhatsApp “Last Seen” must be set to “Everyone” or “My Contacts” if you want to see when someone was last online.

Is it possible to freeze the timestamp on WhatsApp?

Your WhatsApp timestamp can be frozen. WhatsApp settings page can be accessed by going to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen > Nobody. You will freeze your timestamp after setting your last seen to “Nobody”. It is also possible to choose “My Contacts” as you’re last seen, which restricts visibility to people who are on your contact list.


In case you don’t want others to know Last time you were on the web on WhatsApp, you need your identity is hidden “Last Seen”. Avoiding the thoughts of others you’re not paying attention to them. If you’re a slow texter, hide your online status even more. Slow texters do not ignore messages on purpose. People sometimes forget to reply to a message, or are too busy, or just need think about it. If you want to stop seeing your “Last Seen”, “freezing” your account Best way option.

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