How To Save WhatsApp Status Photos & Videos Permanently?

We have some good news for those of you who love saving each and every WhatsApp Status update they see. In this article, we explain how to save WhatsApp Status photos and videos. We’ll begin by looking at how you can save pictures from WhatsApp Status. You will need to take a screenshot of the image to save it permanently because these updates are only available for 24 hours. An iPhone user can do this by simultaneously pressing the Home button and the Power button. An Android user can do this by simultaneously pressing both the Power and Volume Down buttons. This will save the screenshot in your photo gallery.

Earlier this year, Whatsapp released the WhatsApp Status feature. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the Facebook app have all incorporated this feature from Snapchat. You can upload a brief video, picture, or an animated GIF with WhatsApp live status feature, just like Snapchat. Statuses are visible to your contacts immediately and will persist for 24 hours, after which they will disappear permanently. WhatsApp video status can be played and downloaded. Download and watch the video.

  • Next, we’ll discuss how to save WhatsApp Status videos. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official method for doing so just yet. These videos can be saved, however, if you use a few workarounds.
  • The video can be captured by taking a screenshot while it plays. The still image from the video will be saved in your photo gallery. The video can then be viewed from your photo gallery.
  • There is also the option of downloading third-party apps such as Story Saver for WhatsApp. By swiping right, you’ll be able to save photos as well as videos from your WhatsApp Status. Using the app, add your WhatsApp account to the app. When the process is complete, you’ll be able to see all the photos and videos your contacts have posted as WhatsApp Status. Simply click on the download button to save them.

WhatsApp Status:

Several methods are available to iPhone users for saving someone’s WhatsApp status.

  1. A screenshot can be taken as the first method. If you want to save a WhatsApp status, you should open up WhatsApp and take a screenshot like you would for any other image on your iPhone. All the photos and videos you take will be stored in your Camera Roll.
  2. WhatsApp statuses can also be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone. If you want to save a WhatsApp status, click the Share button > select “Save to Camera Roll.” It will appear in the same location as your other photos and videos.
  3. A WhatsApp status can be saved without taking a screenshot or even saving it to your Camera Roll, by using an app like Status Saver. You can store WhatsApp status photos in your iPhone’s storage with this app. You can use this app by downloading it from the App Store and then opening it. You’ll see a list of all your contacts’ status updates. Save the one you want to your iPhone by tapping on it.

Save WhatsApp Status Images & Videos:

  1. Status Head will appeared on screen in a split second at whatever point new status is accessible
  2.  One tap Save status
  3. Share without spare status
  4. Repost status legitimately
  5. In-manufactured Image watcher and video player for view status
  6. Clean and Clear UI

HD Status Download:

Several options are available to save a person’s WhatsApp Status. Despite both methods exploiting the same fault (or feature), one method does it manually while another is automated. A screenshot of the WhatsApp status is taken in the first method. This can be achieved by opening the Status app and pressing both the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously. This will save a screenshot to the Gallery.

You can also save WhatsApp Status using a dedicated app. WhatsApp Statuses can be saved using a variety of Android and iOS apps. Simply open the Status and save it to your device once you have downloaded and installed one of these apps. You cannot be banned from WhatsApp for using either of these methods, as they are both perfectly legal. Please limit the number of Status that you save to only those you are permitted to save. A friend may not be too pleased if you save their private Status without their permission.

  • Manual, Using a File Explorer

You’ll need a file explorer that can show hidden files if you need to save or view a WhatsApp status video without the person knowing. All status videos are stored in a hidden folder on WhatsApp by default.

  1. The hidden files feature cannot be enabled on every file explorer app, as there are several different ones available. Our recommendation is Solid Explorer File Manager, which is a great file explorer application. I use it myself, and I highly recommend it.
  2. Open Solid Explorer and grant it access to your storage once it has been installed. You can then enable “Show Hidden Files” from the menu.
  3. Click on the WhatsApp folder to view hidden files. In your internal storage (usually /sdcard/WhatsApp,) you’ll find it in the root. Open the “Media” folder in the WhatsApp folder.
  4. Status should be located within the Media folder. Videos of WhatsApp status are stored within this folder. You can copy or cut a video by long-pressing it and selecting Copy or Cut from the menu. Then, select “Paste” and navigate to the folder that you wish to save it to. You’re done! We’d like to congratulate you on learning how to save WhatsApp status videos privately.
  • Use A Dedicated App

You can use a dedicated app to save your WhatsApp status. The Play Store has a number of apps that allow users to store WhatsApp statuses, and they all work fairly well.

Status Saver, a free and popular app, is the app we recommend. Then you can click on the saved WhatsApp status images in the app once you have it installed. When you use the app, the status will be saved to your device for later viewing.

Several other apps offer similar functions, so feel free to investigate them, too. Status Saver is a great choice if you want something easy and straightforward.


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