How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From your Android Phone To iPhone

Android users may now Data transfer between two apps their Android phones to iPhones using WhatsApp. The Move to iOS app will let users export their Media files, voice messages, and chat history their Android phones to iPhones. Currently, in beta, new features will be rolled out to all chat app users the week after next. It is already available on WhatsApp allows data to be transferred from one iPhone to another. First, only Samsung phones were supported, but then other devices were made compatible. By switching to an iPhone, Android users will be able to keep the history of their WhatsApp conversations along with them.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, announced on Facebook that WhatsApp would include Capacity to transfer chat history, photos, videos, and voice messages securely between Android and iPhone. Zuckerberg says it is a feature that is frequently requested. A new website was launched iPhone-Android switching last year, and now we’re introducing Android-iPhone as well.” A factory reset or new iPhone is needed to make the transfer work, according to WhatsApp. This restriction also applies to the transfer of data from iPhones to the Androids. For Android devices, the operating system needs to be updated to Android 5 or higher, and for iPhones, it needs to be iOS15.5 or higher.

How to transfer WhatsApp data directly from Android to iPhone 13?

As long as Apple or WhatsApp aren’t providing an official way for WhatsApp users to migrate across platforms, we see a challenge in migrating WhatsApp. We always have Mobile Trans on our side, though.

<Style=”text-align:justify; color: Black; Font-size: 14px;”>The program Mobile Trans makes the process of transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone extremely straightforward, and you don’t even have to back up WhatsApp first before transferring. Mobile Trans also transfers other types of files. To use WhatsApp on the new iPhone 11/12/13, follow these steps:

  • A USB cable must be connected between the old Samsung device and the iPhone.
  • The MobileTrans software can be installed and launched whether you are using a Mac or Windows. Computer, and the “WhatsApp Transfer” option can be selected from the provided options.
  • Both devices will be detected automatically by the application, and both will be marked the source can be either devices or destination devices. You can flip them if necessary.
  • Start the WhatsApp transfer process by clicking the “Start” button. The data in your WhatsApp account can be kept if you have been using WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Afterward, you will only need to wait a few minutes the process must be completed. Keep your phones connected until the process is complete.

You will be able to easily restore these Data transferred recently to your iPhone when you launch WhatsApp on the device.

Backup WhatsApp on Android and move it to iOS:

Before you restore your WhatsApp backup to your iPhone if you have not yet received your new iPhone, Your WhatsApp data should be backed up. WhatsApp backups and restore can also be done using MobileTrans.

The following steps will help you transfer WhatsApp chats and data from Android to iOS.

  1. A USB cable can be used to connect your old Android device to your computer, such as the Samsung S10.
  2. You can use MobileTrans to perform backups and restores by selecting the Backup & Restore module in MobileTrans, then clicking Back up by clicking the Backup button from the Backing up and restoring apps dialog box.
  3. Backing up begins as soon as you select backup WhatsApp and click Start.
  4. After a few minutes, MobileTrans will complete the process.

Your WhatsApp account can be restored to your new iPhone when it arrives:

  • A lightning cable is needed to connect iPhone 13 to computer.
  • Click Restore from Backing up and restoring apps in MobileTrans on your PC once you’ve chosen the Backup & Restore feature.
  • Your iPhone will then restore your latest WhatsApp backup.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13 With no PC?

Transferring WhatsApp through the computer is not necessary if you don’t want to. The app WhatsApp can be used instead. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Using WhatsApp Swapper, you can transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 13 without having to use an additional computer. Getting started is as easy as opening WUtsapper and connecting two phones with one OTG cable or USB-C to a Lightning cable.

We now have a tutorial that shows you how you can transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone 13 without using a computer:

  • Wutsapper can be downloaded from Google Play. Click here to download. Install.
  • Your phone’s backup will be checked through the app. You can back up both your phone and WhatsApp using Wutsapper if you don’t already have a backup app. Prepare an OTG cable and a USB-C to Lightning cable before backing up.
  • In order to trust the two phones, click the “Trust” button on each phone after connecting them with an OTG cable. If you have a backup WhatsApp account, it must be linked to the phone number you used.
  • Parsing successful! You will need to wait for some time before you start transferring your WhatsApp.

Migrating WhatsApp from Android to iOS 13 using Email Chat:

Taking the backup of WhatsApp Google Play Store for Android does not directly allow you to transfer it to your iPhone, but there is an alternative. With WhatsApp, dedicated conversations can be emailed to any contact. You can e-mail yourself selected chats in this way and make them available to yourself at any time. You can access the same chats on your new iPhone, even though the same chats will not be restored to WhatsApp. This useful feature allows you to move WhatsApp messages using an iPhone instead of Android.

Using an iPhone13 instead of Android, WhatsApp chats can be transferred using an email attachment:

  • You can save any conversation you open on WhatsApp by launching the app.
  • Choose Email Conversation by tapping on the More option (the hamburger icon) on the top.
  • Check or uncheck the box next to the attached media files. Email servers have a 20 MB mail limit, so it is generally recommended to exclude it.
  • A text file with your WhatsApp chats will be attached to the Gmail compose window. Save as a draft or enter your email address.
  • The same email account can later be accessed on your iPhone 13 and your chats can be downloaded to review.

Unlike the usual WhatsApp interface, your chats can only be viewed as a text file on an iPhone 13; you cannot access them via the usual WhatsApp interface. You should only use this method if you want to save only a few conversations, not the entire WhatsApp data.

Why you should start using WhatsApp on your iPhone before moving from Android?

There are a number of tips that would facilitate the process of transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

  • It is still a good idea to keep a backup even though it is not possible to directly restore Android backups on iPhone. Your WhatsApp chats will always be backed up with this method. You can later view your chats on a computer using a WhatsApp backup extractor.
  • WhatsApp chats are backed up locally on the storage of the device under WhatsApp. This file can be accessed and moved to another storage location whenever you like.
  • Several tools (including MobileTrans) are available for the transfer of WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone 13. If you are considering using these tools, you should read user reviews first.
  • If you are using both devices, ensure both numbers are identical. Change your number beforehand if necessary.

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