Pak Data Apk Application

The virtual world outside is in a constant rush and innovating news things very quickly. The world is going towards bringing the easiest form of life. All the new inventions are making us lazy, but they are making the issues less in life. Same is the case with the apps developing. The software engineers are creating such applications that are making life less problematic. 


Pak Data APK is also one such miraculous creation. It is an app that keep us away from hurdles in life. It makes everything very easy. This app has been developed for having quick access to balance check of any SIM, police information system, WAPDA electricity bills check, live sports, and many other amazing features. It is the perfect match for today’s students, workers, men, and people of any race or age. It can make you satisfied by using it once in your life. This is the best you can have for free. Just download and enjoy. 

Development of the App

Development of the AppThis application is developed by a Pakistani person named Imdad Ali. He has developed it by looking at difficulties people face now-a-days in daily routine. It consists of all the things needed by a normal person to carry out daily chores. It was made in 2018 and got launched in the same year in the month of September. 

More About Pak Data APK App

Is has a storage space of 5mb only. It comes under the social app category. It is with 8.2 version for Android phones. This is compatible with all the latest mobile phones that are launched recently. With more than 100,000 downloads, this app comes with the finest and smooth running qualities. It has the Google Play ID of 

Some Worth-Mentioning Features of the Pak Data App

Following are some features that will convince you to download this app as soon as you can, have a look:

  1. You can check your SIM balance no matter what network you are using currently
  2. You can get a verification for the vehicle you own
  3. You can get tips and tricks related to your phone
  4. You can even check your WAPDA utility bills and their payment
  5. You can watch live TV sports and other channels as well
  6. You can play online games
  7. You can login in into your Facebook account from the main menu
  8. You also have a police information system where you can find SIM cards and their owners. If any unknown number is harassing you, copy his or her number to the police information system of Pak Data APK app. It even shows the activation date of the respective SIM. 

How to Download the Pak Data APK Application?

Following are the steps to deal in with the application and download it. These are the ways to install the Pak Data APK app and enjoy the best of the app:

  1. Search out a website for authentic APK files’ websites that can be easy for downloading.
  2. Once you have searched the APK file, then download it and install it. 
  3. After installing, open it up and use it for free. It is authentic and all the features would work for you according to the way you want. 
  4. Then you can even log in into the application for having ultimate features. Once installed, open the application and use it for free. The app would definitely satisfy you in different regards. You can enjoy the different features by going to the main menu of the app. 

Final Thoughts

The final thoughts are that Pak Data APK application is one of the best apps in the world of social caliber. It has all the features that a person need in this life full of tensions. If you are in search of such apps that can help you with balance check of any network of Pakistan. It also helps in finding the police information system. It also has the feature of live sports streaming. You can easily use Facebook and YouTube directly form it without downloading the official apps. The plus point is that you get it for free and you can download it many times as you want on multiple devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is an APK Download?

Answer: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit (APK). The file format is used to install the Android application directly to the phone’s storage. If you want to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file. You can find the file in your File Manager.

Question 2

Is it safe to have APK files on your device?

In the contrast, this is a 50-50 chance, because there are equal chances that it can harm your device or it may not. Overall the APK files are not safe enough. They can carry some harmful viruses that can be able to stop your device or even hack the data on your device.

Question 3

What should we do if the APK does not work properly, or if it does not open?

Answer: The solution to this problem is that maybe your phone is out of date or the version you have downloaded of the APK is an old one. You need to update your phone to download a newer version of the APK for the smooth performance of the application.

Question 4

Is it safe to pay utility bills through the app and know about them, by inputting personal data?

Answer: yes, it is 100% safe to input your personal and confidential data to the app. If you are willing to check your WAPDA bill, then it’s good to give in your data and check it out online. 

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