Play Desi APK

Are you looking for an application for that’s best for your music and movies watching? Do you want an application that can easily stream Indian movies, songs, and dramas?

So, we have a solution for this discrepancy, that make your life easier. We are sure this would be the best solution for the current time. The name of this solution is Play Desi APK. 


Play Desi APK is one such name that provides many features for free with zero efforts. This is and app that can provide entertainment nonstop for free. If you are a movie lover or any Indian drama lover, then this the best you can get till date. It is basically a TV application but a TV for your choice. The normal TV runs on its own but this is an exception to that for sure. 

The application comes with a 9mb storage and gives a lot of entertainment in such a small space. You can call it an all-in-one application for sure. You can download the latest news in Hindi on this app on your smart phone and watch all Hindi news live channels. You can also entertain yourself with the major Hindi news debates, reality TV shows, and live channels. Watch all the latest and Live Hindi news on Play Desi TV APK for no charges at all.

Features of the Play Desi APK Application

This is just like a TV, because of its many features with no cost and no huge space on your mobile phone. Following are the specifications or let’s say features that can convince you to download this APK version as soon as possible:

  • The Storage Feature

Less storage space which can never hang your phone device at all.

  • HD quality and Better Than Other Apps

More options for entertainment than any other app till date. It also has the best quality screen view which never show blurred results. 

  • Free of Cost

No charges at all, this APK like many others comes free of cost. It has the top ratings because of which its users are increasing day by day. 

  • Watch Indian Dramas & Soaps

You can watch all the famous Indian dramas and soaps on the APK file. whether it’s the popular Yeh Hain Chahatain, Anupama or Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain. All these top-watched seasons are available on this little application of Play Desi APK. 

  • Live TV Streaming

You can also watch live TV channels on the Play Desi APK. These include sports channels, TV shows channels, and other movie or drama channels. 

  • Watch Movies of different Categories

You can also watch the latest movies on this application. These movies are from different categories like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and English movies. 

  • Watch Live IPL

It is the best platform for watching IPL. Yes, guys you can now easily watch IPL without getting late or from disturbing signals. The IPL is best for watching in free time and watching it through Play Desi APK, can even enhance it 10 times more. 

  • Watch News Channels

You can watch news of any news channel. The amazing fact is that you can search for your favorite news anchor and watch his or her news live from the specific news channel.  

Method of Downloading the Play Desi APK Application

Play Desi APK can be downloaded easily and accurately from the internet but if you give read to the instructions below, then it would be simple as water:

  • Search the internet for a proper website that consists of APK files of hundreds of applications. You can even use the Play Store but that won’t be appropriate, because this is an APK-type file. There are many websites that are famous for downloading APK files, such as
  • Then next, you need to download the APK from your selected website. Once you click the downloading option, a pop-up menu appears that shows your download. After it gets completed, open the file manager and install the application.
  • If the app requires enabling unknown sources, that is even easier. Go to the settings of your phone and give permission to unknown sources so that they get installed. 
  • Once installed, open the application and use it for free. The app would definitely satisfy you in different regards. You can enjoy the different features of this all-in-one application.

The Final Thoughts

The overall end points are that this all-in-one application named Play Desi APK is a must to download and enjoy. If you are into movies, drama, news, and music. Then this app is the best you can get for free. It is small and trust-worthy. So, if you were in search of this kind of app, you have for sure got one. Just download it and have fun while using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is an APK Download?

Answer: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit (APK). The file format is used to install the Android application directly to the phone’s storage. If you want to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file. You can find the file in your File Manager.

Question 2

Is it safe to have APK files on your device?

In the contrast, this is a 50-50 chance, because there are equal chances that it can harm your device or it may not. Overall the APK files are not safe enough. They can carry some harmful viruses that can be able to stop your device or even hack the data on your device.

Question 3

What should we do if the APK does not work properly, or if it does not open?

Answer: The solution to this problem is that maybe your phone is out of date or the version you have downloaded of the APK is an old one. You need to update your phone to download a newer version of the APK for the smooth performance of the application.

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