Twitter Testing Myspace-like Status Feature

Users can now tag posts with predefined tags using Twitter’s new status feature. This new feature is similar to those on Myspace or Live Journal, which no longer exist today. Check out Enjoyapks for more information on this topic.

Twitter continues to evolve its platform to make it more inclusive and interactive despite the chaos with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. There is no limit to how many people can access the status feature, but not everyone is able to access it at the moment.

It appears that Twitter statuses can now include emojis, as several users reported this morning. A limited group of users in the US and Australia is being tested with the feature, the company confirmed later.

As of recently, the Twitter circle has been added to the social networking platform, allowing users to interact with others who share a similar interest in a closed group.

What is Twitter's new status update feature?

A new Twitter status feature is currently being tested that apparently will replace some default presets people often use. An emoji will accompany each of these status updates under the username. Tweets can only be edited individually.

A user can see what others have shared with the same status badge by clicking it. The testing phase includes various modes, including “shower idea”, “photo of the day”, “breaking news”, “spoiler alert”, and “unpopular opinion”.

To give followers more context for your tweets, Twitter is testing a feature that lets them add a status topic from a predefined list, TechCrunch reports. It allows you to better communicate what you’re thinking or intending to do, no matter what you’re going to do… “

Time and characters will be saved with Twitter's status feature

Users will be able to tag posts with predefined labels with Twitter’s status feature, and some preroll ads will be replaced with predefined ones. The result would be a saving of users’ valuable characters and an increase in the number of words they can use in their tweets. It will also save you some time as you don’t have to think and mention the topic of your Tweet. You can simply select a case from the list of available options and notify others. At the moment, there is no possibility to edit a case or create a custom case.

What is the Twitter status feature, and how do I use it?

There are very few users who have access to Twitter’s feature. Your Twitter app must be updated to the latest version in order to offer the status option. Download the latest version of Twitter from the Play Store or App Store. The app’s ‘Beta Program’ needs your participation. You can also join him on the iPhone.

You should be able to access the feature once the app is updated. Click on Tweet Writing to see it in action and begin typing. The Add Status button will appear if you have access to the feature.

Then, click on it and select the case of your choice. Once posted, the status will appear below your name as you would normally post a tweet.

Only the US and Australia are able to use Twitter Status

A select group of Americans and Australians are currently testing Twitter’s status feature. Yet, no other country offers the feature. Neither the size of the group nor the number of participants was disclosed by the company. Therefore, we are unaware of the number and criteria used to select test subjects. In contrast to Snapchat + and Telegram Premium, Twitter does not hide new features behind its paywall. Free trials are available for new features.

When will everyone be able to see Twitter status?

There has been no word from Twitter about when everyone will be able to use the status feature. We will notify you once the update has been shared. By the end of this month or early next month, we expect the feature to be expanded to more countries and users.

As part of its 2019 experiments, Twitter also tested a similar feature. However, no broader version was created as a result of the test. There is a possibility that she may meet a different fate this time around.

Make sure your app is updated, and stay tuned for updates. Is the new feature something you like or dislike? If you have any comments, please let me know.

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