Whatsapp is Ready to Introduce a New Interesting Feature

WhatsApp, the world’s most used messaging application, is soon going to introduce the most wanted feature to quickly send written or spoken messages to each other.

Everyone makes the mistake of carelessly deleting received messages and faces problems later.

Now to get rid of this problem WhatsApp has started working on recovering deleted messages for the convenience of the users, the testing of this new feature is going on soon.

According to media reports, WhatsApp is working on a feature to recover deleted messages for some beta testers, this feature will be rolled out soon.

According to media reports, now if a message received by users is deleted, a small ‘pop-up’ will appear on their screen giving the option to ‘undo’ the deleted message. Yes, this popup will remain on the screen for a few seconds.

According to media reports, it is too early to say whether this new feature will be available to bring back media files, voice notes and documents as well.

With this feature, the WhatsApp user will also be provided with the option to make changes to their display picture.

According to media reports, this feature is currently under testing for beta users only, once the feature is successful, it will be available to all users.

According to media reports, WhatsApp management is also planning to make changes related to users’ numbers and privacy with this feature.

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