WhatsApp releases new updated app for Windows users

With the launch of WhatsApp’s new Windows app, users will be able to experience better performance on their devices. Previously, the app was only available in beta, but it is now available to everyone.

Various details about the new app were detailed in a company blog, including its goal of replacing WhatsApp Desktop with a more native one.

The app users can now send and receive messages even when they are offline, thanks to this advancement. Additionally, WhatsApp promises improved reliability and speed, with a redesigned interface.

A similar update will be forthcoming for the MacOS app.

Developers can easily convert iOS apps to macOS apps with WhatsApp’s new Mac app built on Catalyst technology, released last month.

With the new macOS app, the battery is used less, and the app runs faster. Similar to the Windows version, the beta app will also work when the phone is offline. You will need a computer running Windows 10 or later to download the app from the Microsoft Store.

To get the beta app before it’s officially released, Mac users can sign up for Test Flight. A beta version of WhatsApp will also be available for iPadOS.


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