WhatsApp update: WhatsApp’s new update allows users to recover deleted messages, but there’s a catch

Many new updates are being worked on simultaneously by WhatsApp. Several years ago, the tech giant opened up the possibility of deleting text messages sent or received by others. This feature is being updated, according to earlier posts.

The latest reports describe WhatsApp’s latest update as introducing a feature for recovering message deletions. In the meantime, a few beta users have received the update, according to WABetaInformation.

Google Play beta testers have reportedly released an update with an undo feature. When users click the Undo button, they can recover deleted messages. It’s not all that easy, though. If a user deletes a message, he or she can only retrieve it by clicking on the “delete for me” button instead of the “delete for everyone” button.

The window for recovering deleted messages will also be very short. A few seconds will be given by WhatsApp to users to recover a message, according to the report.

WhatsApp may release the feature to others in the coming weeks after only a few beta users gain access to the feature.

The deletion of a chat message will take two days from now on instead of one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. When WhatsApp’s “delete text” feature was developed, this was the original plan.

There are currently two options for deleting text on the platform: “Delete for me” and “Delete for everyone”.

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