Why are Packets of Chips Filled With Air? Interesting Truth About This Everyday Food Item

Whenever you go to the market to buy snacks, your heart must be tempted to see huge packets of chips and snacks there. And after seeing this packet, we immediately buy that many chips will be eaten with pleasure. But when the packet is opened, a few pieces of air-filled chips spoil everyone’s dreams.

But do you know why so much air is filled in these packets and what is the air or gas that we get in this packet? This air is not an ordinary air, in fact this air is not oxygen or any other but nitrogen. Nitrogen is a gas that does not react with other molecules around it and thus is considered ideal for preserving things. We will tell you what causes this gas filling.

1:  Keeps Chips Crispy and Crunchy:

This gas prevents the chips from oxidizing and does not make them soft, but keeps them crispy and crunchy. This gas is odorless and tasteless, so the taste of the chips remains the same as after it was made.

2: Chips do not break:

One of the reasons for this is that the air in the chip packets also prevents the chips from breaking during shipping and delivery to markets. Otherwise, if it is not in these packets, the chips will break and become dust.

3: To make the packet appear larger:

It is also inflated to make the packet look bigger, as a bigger packet attracts people. People are drawn towards him


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