With the New Youtube Feature, It is Possible to Convert Any Video Into a Short Clip

YouTube has introduced a new tool that makes it much easier for users to convert normal videos into shorts.

Shorts is a YouTube feature that helps you create short videos like Tik Tok.

Now YouTube has introduced a new tool Create which will convert any video into shorts video.

The tool takes 60 seconds of footage from a video in the YouTube app by selecting it directly into the shorts editor, where text, filters or more can be added to it before it can be posted as a short.

When you upload it as a short, the link to the video from which the footage is taken appears below.

According to the company, this tool allows users to use a short clip as a promo tool for the main video, which will help increase views.

But this tool will only work on user’s own videos and it will not be possible to create shorts from other users’ videos.

Note that the success of Tik Tok has forced all social media networks to adopt its features.

YouTube also introduced the shorts feature some time earlier than Tik Tok which is continuously being improved.

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